Systems Furniture Installations, LLC in Madison, WI

Office Moving & Relocation

office moving and office relocation in Madison, WI Relocation of employees can be a time consuming process. SFI routinely completes projects of varying size and complexity involving all of the major manufacturers and furniture systems. We will lead you through the process from the beginning by scheduling a pre-move meeting where coordination of you needs is put into a plan. Our next step is to coordinate our plans with other contractors such as electricians, carpet installers etc. to make sure your transition runs as smoothly as possible.

Systems Furniture Installations is readily available to move any existing office furniture within a building and/or from one location to another. No move is too large or too small, we have the necessary equipment to move your furniture safely and we will make your transition seamless whether it involves relocating one desk or several hundred workstations. Our moving and relocation consultant will help you establish a general plan and assist in guiding employees with plans and check lists. SFI is also available nights and weekends in order to minimize disruption in your workplace. We also offer our facility for storage of any amount of your office product for your convenience while your new location is being prepared for your move.